Craftsman Custom Home Builders, serving the Lynchburg & Smith Mountain Lake areas

  • Smith Mountain Lake
    66 Builder's Pride Dr
    Hardy, VA

  • Lynchburg
    22174 Timberlake Rd
    Lynchburg, VA

About Us - Craftsman Home Builders
Craftsman Custom Homebuilders of Lynchburg, Virginia

The founders of Craftsman Custom Home Builders have been building homes for over thirty years, covering all facets of the industry. There are many good builders out there, who unfortunately don’t have the aptitude or the time for the business process. There are good business men out there who don’t have the talent and skill to build the highest quality home. Most local builders fall into one category or the other. Craftsman covers both.

Craftsman intertwines the business and building processes – each requiring special talents, both necessary to consistently deliver satisfaction. They are admired and respected not only by customers, but by inspectors, contractors and suppliers. They have the practical knowledge to oversee every aspect of the construction, and just as importantly, the right attitude to deal with everyone with a fairness that’s rare in the building industry. They not only consistently deliver the highest-quality home, but also take all the time necessary to work together with customers to design the perfect home that blends their needs with their budget. At Craftsman, they truly enjoy the work they do and helping their customers realize their dreams with a smooth and enjoyable process.

Craftsman Homes frequently spends more time with its customers in the beginning – designing, pricing, selecting finishes and just making sure there are no surprises -, than most other builders would spend with them through the entire construction process. They do this to ensure the once-in-a-lifetime experience of building your dream home is memorable, positive, and stress-free!

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