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Welcome to our home building tips section

We hear from customers that our free home building seminars are a valuable tool for gaining insight on the process of building a new custom home – something that can seem almost overwhelming in the beginning. And that due to busy schedules and the many commitments that we all have, we know it’s not always possible for everyone to attend who would like to. So starting now, we’ll be taking the most asked questions from our seminars and providing the answers right here on our website.

And of course, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have in general about the building process such as on building lots, site preparation, subdividing, permits, etc. Just email us or call us and we’ll do our best to get you the answer.


Is it the right time to build a home?

The truth is there's unlikely to be a better time than now in the near future. Even conservative economists agree that due to continued supply chain issues & high-demand for materials, the cost of building a new home is likely to continue to climb. The saving grace today is that mortgage rates remain historically low.

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How does my lot affect the price of my home?

Did you know that there are actually three parts that make up the final cost of a custom home? This is something new to many customers when they start the journey, so we’re going to break it down for you here.

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What style custom home gives the best square-foot price

As you begin that journey, it’s important to keep in mind that price per square foot alone isn’t going to serve as a very good guide in comparing home building costs. It can still be useful, but you’ll need to dig a bit deeper to understand what that cost represents with any specific builder.

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In plain English, how does construction financing really work?

When clients come into our offices they have all kinds of ideas on how construction financing works. Construction loans, permanent loans and single-closing construction-perm loans are all possible options. And while they all work the same during home construction, they vary greatly at the beginning and the end.

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Getting a price on a custom home plan

Often, by the time clients receive our brochure, they have already found a plan they’ve fallen in love with. Whether it’s something they found online, something they’ve had drawn, or a plan they’ve created themselves, we can usually figure a cost to build the home on their property.

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How does my land (or land I want to buy) affect my financing?

With regard to land, our customers tend to fall into one of three categories: those that already own property, those that that have purchased property but are still paying on it and finally those that are planning to purchase property as part of their entire custom home package.

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