Craftsman Custom Home Builders, serving the Roanoke, Lynchburg & Smith Mountain Lake areas

  • Lynchburg:
    22174 Timberlake Rd
    Lynchburg, VA

  • Roanoke & SML:
    66 Builder's Pride Dr
    Hardy, VA

As one of the most experienced builders in the region, Craftsman has the expertise to make your dream home a reality. We'll guide you through each step in the process - before, during, and after construction.

What Our Customers Have To Say

The Craftsman team works hard to ensure the entire process is going to be wonderful and exciting, from beginning to end. Click here to read more testimonials.


“Craftsman made the process from start to finish very easy for me considering I had never done anything like this before. They were very welcoming to my ideas and very helpful with every aspect from finding land to picking the materials for the house …”

Nick M.


The showroom made the process of choosing our options very easy. Steve, Joe, Randy and Charity were all very helpful and made the building process a good experience.

Jeff A.


We were very satisfied with them building our dream home!

Stephen P.

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Did you know that there are actually three parts that make up the final cost of a custom home? This is something new to many customers when they start the journey, so we’re going to break it down for you here.

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What style custom home gives the best square-foot price

As you begin that journey, it’s important to keep in mind that price per square foot alone isn’t going to serve as a very good guide in comparing home building costs. It can still be useful, but you’ll need to dig a bit deeper to understand what that cost represents with any specific builder.

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In plain English, how does construction financing really work?

When clients come into our offices they have all kinds of ideas on how construction financing works. Construction loans, permanent loans and single-closing construction-perm loans are all possible options. And while they all work the same during home construction, they vary greatly at the beginning and the end.

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